Imani Industries Ltd

Bringing Growth To Agriculture

Imani Industries Ltd is an Agricultural value chain development company focused on production, processing and conditioning of agro-allied products. We are committed to delivering excellence through our subsidiary companies; Trappco Ranch and Resort Ltd, Global Marori Mills & Harvest Fresh.

  • Rice Production

    Global Marori Mills produces the best quality rice with 200 metric tons capacity a day.

  • Herbs and spicies

    We produce and deliver herbs and spicies with the highest possible quality.

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Trappco Ranch and Resort Ltd

Established in 2009, Trappco Ranch and Resort Ltd (TRRL) was founded with the mission to deliver comprehensive solutions across the agricultural, entertainment, and trade sectors within the country.

The company was designated as Trappco export crop conditioning center by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in 2009, through the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA).

  • Quality Products

    We deliver ingredients with the highest possible quality, product integrity and value, by strengthening quality control over the supply chain.

  • Quality Supply Chain

    We are actively engaged in every stage of the supply chain, therefore guaranteeing strict quality checks right from crop plantation to finished ingredients.

Our Products

Our company boasts an impressive product catalog and the ability to create customized products to fulfill the unique needs of all our clients.


Ginger Dried, Splits, and Powder are three convenient forms of ginger widely used in culinary and medicinal applications.


Garlic Dried, Splits, and Powder offer convenient options for adding the distinctive flavor of garlic to culinary creations.


Turmeric Dried, Splits, and Powder represent versatile forms of this vibrant spice with a myriad of culinary and medicinal uses.

Red Chili pepper

Chili Dried, Splits, and Powder are essential ingredients in culinary traditions worldwide, prized for their fiery flavor and versatility.

Harvest Fresh Market

Imani Harvest Fresh Market is a local grocery store located at the city center. We sell a wide variety of healthy, nutritious foods, as well as delicious fruits.

Always Fresh

Quality Produce. Delivered Fresh Every Day.

Super healthy

Healthy, Nutritious Foods For the Entire Family

Premium Quality

Highest Quality Foods From Around the World

Best Value

Best Prices. Highest Value. Guaranteed.

Harvest Fresh Market

We take pride in selling only the best foods at the affordable prices. We offer a wide variety of healthy, nutritious foods, as well as delicious fruits.

Global Marori Mill

Global Marori mill is located at the Kaduna Airport Agro Industrial zone. The mill is capable of processing over 400 tons of rice daily.

With our years of extensive experience in various value-added processes for rice milling, Global Marori Mills offers high quality parboiled rice.

Quality Control

Our products go through quality control and quality assurance process at every production level assuring the delivery of quality premium parboiled milled rice.

State of the art Facility

We use state of the art machineries which guarantee great quality, adhering to the business concept of qualitative service delivery.